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About Me

I am an author and mother to an autistic daughter, and a son who miraculously survived four heart surgeries in his first five months. I wrote my non fiction book, Bravery; Our Journey of Faith, Hope & Love because I wanted to share with the world how we all can battle with great struggles, and even become stronger individuals than we were before. Whether we are typical or special needs, rich or poor, healthy or sick, we all have choices with how we treat tomorrow.

My Vision

Following a cluster of tragedy that suddenly struck my life, it became my purpose to help others enduring their own crisis. I felt a strong desire to share my experience that our life can still be fullifing and happy, even if it didn't go as we plannned or hoped. I was compelled to write Bravery and share my story how it is possible to live through devestation and learn to smile again!

It is also a huge passion to support people and give them the confidence to never give up on their goals and aspirations! Ignore the naysayers! I almost didn't write bravery because my pompass English Prof. didn't thing I possessed enough talent to write a worthy book. Thank goodness I didn't listen to him, or Bravery wouldn't have existed to help inspire and uplift so many families who are having great struggles!

I love to do inspirational speaking at all kinds of venues, especially fund raisers, and I am currently working on my next book, 'SMILE Again.'


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