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About Me

RAYL is inspired by my own personal experience with suicide and loss.

My son Rayél died from suicide at the tender age of 14 years old.

We are talking about a healthy academic, sporty teenager who lost all hope and self confidence in a day.

His death had an enormous impact on our lives. I then felt driven to find answers. I soon discovered that my child was not the only one who suffered and lost his battle to suicide and depression.

His death had me searching and researching further for so much information on teenage social responsibility to bullying to academic pressure to Hormone Imbalance, Serotonin levels dropping and finding so much news articles on suicide and depression and mental illness it was overwhelming. RAYL will be a source of Information, Assistance, Love, Care and Help.

My Vision

RAYL wants to help save as many lives and by doing so we will be exposing suicide prevention and become the best resourceful centre.


I offer free basic counselling to youth. I reach out to schools to do talks and education surrounding depression and anxiety.


I have completed a Basic Counselling course. I would like to complete a Social Auxiliary course to better expand my knowledge in the field.


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