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Brian Ndlovu
Posted January 1, 2020 from South Africa
Expired on January 31, 2020
Helping a community in need
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I been battling health issues for most of my life.
I was diagnosed with asthma at a young age and then diagnosed with meningitis at age seven. At age 13 i was diagnosed with chronic lung disease. I then had struggles with depression.
At age 21 i
suffered a kidney infection and by the age of 23 i became reliant on home oxygen due to the damage to his lungs.  I am now 26 years old and still fighting heart failure.

Despite all these setbacks in 2015 i founded the non-profit Community Development Foundation JYB where i dedicate my time and energy to giving back to young people who need help and assistance through our Non-profits scholarship project. Learn more :
The work i do at JYB keeps me motivated but i still relies on support from family and social networks to keep the charity running

I have forty five children that benefit from our Non-profit organization though our scholarship project that provides young children affected and infected by HIV/aids

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By Volunteering your skills and time or donating towards any of our projects that benefit children and youth affected and infected by HIV/aids poverty and chronic diseases. Or follow us on Twitter

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Jill Langhus
Jan 01
Jan 01

Hi Brian,

Thanks for sharing some of your NGO's background and fundraiser. Good luck!