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About Me

I am the last child in a family of six and growing up with older people helped me grow up much faster than my peers which made me a natural leader. I love speaking to teenagers to help them get through their teen years and I started doing that as a teenager by going with a youth group in Nigeria on different high school outreaches, giving speeches on dealing with self-esteem issues and abstinence. I have worked as a radio presenter for most of my life but I recently switched careers from media to the development sector with the hope to leverage my education and work experience in the media to effect social change in my community within Nigeria. Recently, my volunteer work has focused on the homeless community and my professional goal is to advocate for destitute women and girls so they can have a comfortable and sustainable life off the streets in Nigeria. Currently, most of my contribution to the cause is through social media advocacy for fundraising and general awareness of the existent needs and how individuals and the government can do more to aid this cause. My favorite quote is ‘When you get, give. When you learn, teach’ by Maya Angelou and this summarizes my value system perfectly.

My Vision

My vision for the future is to see a world rid of street kids or himeless children and i hope to own a similar facility that will serve as a soup kitchen during the day and a day shelter at night to cater to more homeless women and children so that I can aid the effort of the government and NGOs like The Destiny Trust.


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