Jaundice At Birth Almost Crippled My Dreams

Posted July 7, 2018 from Nigeria
Born with Jaundice From Birth
Overcoming Challenges of Life...

Life has been challenging as we uncover and metamorphose into adults. I was born into a family of 6 over Three and a Half (3 1/2) Decades ago. Growing with love and care was the other of the day. We had fun time with kids in the neighborhood. Basic necessities of life were provided by God and our able parents.

As kids mature in the family, my parents relate the story below to me:

I was born with jaundice which made me not to be able to talk for three years; it was disheartening and a disability which will bring a form of ridicule to my siblings and parents, taking by my parents for all forms of solution, ranging from Churches to hospitals and all forms of spiritual help. You can imagine the psychological trauma we all went through. From all findings and enquiries, it was made known that I was given a wrong injection as a baby when I was just 3 months old. A child of destiny on a mission…devil also out to get out and destroy ‘a girl of destiny’.

In my parent’s quest for a cure and solution, God by His infinite mercy through one of the popular televangelist healed me after every other solutions failed woefully! I was able to hear and call ‘baba’ (my father) for the very first time at the crusade ground with a mammoth crowd as witness many years ago. GLORY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST.

Along the line, my parents enrolled me in the kindergarten school to join my mates, my speech and hearing was not 100% perfect. My mates laughed me at every opportunity due to speech impediment and hearing, which made me to hate school completely. I was asked to repeat the class in primary school due to poor result. Intensive coaching and more efforts were put in place to enable me measure up to standard so I can join my mates who are already in High School. After many attempts, I was able to scale through in my exams and I finally got to high school and also scale through my junior WAEC. There was confusion in selecting area of study; ART, COMMERCIAL or SCIENCE but finally joined the COMMERCIAL CLASS and sat for the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination but alas with F9 parallel in 10 subjects. These performances discourage my dad from continuing my education considering expenses accumulated over the period of time. I reluctantly obeyed him to learn tailoring which is not my desire. I spent six (6) months learning tailoring while my mom was all out seeking complete solution to my disability. She met a counselor who advised the family to get hearing aid for me so I can return to my studies, this opinion worked well with my mom and she tried her best taking me back to secondary school i.e S.S.2 (senior secondary) class. With the use of the hearing aid, I put in my best to encourage my mum for all her effort and I came out in flying colours and I got an admission into Federal College of Education to study Accounting Education in 2003.

After Three (3) years of studying in F.C.E, it was time for Industrial Training (I.T), I was posted to a Secondary School but was interviewed by the Principal before commencing the Teaching Practice but discouragement set in due to the fact that my communication skills is quite poor but she eventually helped in securing a  Secretary job in the same school but I must report back to the school cause without the Teaching practice, I can’t obtain my certificate, which made me report back to school, this led to the school offering me an opportunity, training the teachers while still maintaining my secretary job at the secondary school.

The Federal College of Education management team advised me to go to special schools for disability but there was no money for me to furthermore, so my dad advised me on skill acquisition on Tailoring which I am not passionate about, after spending Three (3) years without fulfillment, my mum observed my interest is very poor, can’t cut, cant sow or do any tangible for (3 Years), I was enrolled in a catering school where I triumphed and got fulfilled, got a Diploma in Hotel & Catering Management.


After graduation from the Catering School, on the lookout for catering jobs, I was told no experience and fresh on the field. This led me to seeking out opportunities and the process I got hooked to the bones of my bones and the flesh of my flesh. We got married 2009 and God blessed us with wonderful “Ambassadors”. Life took a new turn, my aspirations bounced out of obscurity, joy, fulfillments were found in him. He loved me and never mind my disability. The good news is that, He loves GOD, he is a teacher, an entrepreneur, a father to me and the lover of my soul. Today, He runs empowerment program, impacting youth, men and women positively in ICT, MUSIC, PHOTORAPHY, VIDEO EDITING, SOLAR & INVERTER, CATERING, TEXTILES & HANDICRAFT Skills etc.

Through him, I discover my passion as a ‘Passionate ‘CareGiver’ for nurturing kids with special abilities, showing them love and care.


Today, myself and my husband are passionate about giving back to the society, running ongoing free and subsidized trainings in rural and developed area. Our areas of concentration are:

  • Sex Education for Teenage Girls
  • Entrepreneurial Skills for Teens & Women
  • ICT Education for Teenage Girls
  • Cooking Tips for Teenage Girls
  • Textiles & Handicraft for Women
  • Solar, Music, Photo/Videography etc
  • E-commerce opportunities for women
  • Multiple Streams of Income Opportunity for Women

We desire an empowerment centre to be able to impact lives across the community and beyond, housing a section for a DayCare – taking care of children, caring and nurturing them for school, while having another section for teenage girls and women empowerment. We seek support to be able to impact 1,000 women in Nigeria annually.


So delighted to share my story with women around the world. I want to thank every team behind the success and reality of WORLD PULSE. May the LORD continue to enrich you and empower Partners supporting this vision globally.



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Jafreen Alamgir
Jul 08, 2018
Jul 08, 2018

Your strength inspires me to be persistent in my journey no matter how many barriers come. Thank you for sharing your courageous story. <3

Stephanie Mah
Jul 09, 2018
Jul 09, 2018

Hi Bukola. Thanks for sharing your story. You are really an example of endurance. Thank God for giving you a lovely and understanding Hosband. Glory be to God.

Jul 12, 2018
Jul 12, 2018

Dear Bukola,
Your story is such an inspiriration, you have gone through so much but victorious at last.God got your back,keep doing good dear.
Much Love

Jul 14, 2018
Jul 14, 2018

YOU have said it out and clear Be blssed

Ngwa Damaris
Jul 19, 2018
Jul 19, 2018

Go girl! !!

Wamweru Imaya
Jul 21, 2018
Jul 21, 2018

I am inspired and encouraged by your story. Truly, the world is a beautiful place because of you. Blessings my sister.

Rosylyne Nabaala
Jul 22, 2018
Jul 22, 2018

I'm happy and thank God for you my dear sister may God bless you while you continue sharing with us new things.

Sharon Makunura
Jul 24, 2018
Jul 24, 2018

Hi Bukola. What an inspiration your story is.

Dec 11, 2018
Dec 11, 2018

Dear Sister:

You are an Overcomer! Keep being grateful for your life renewed and God will continue to bless you. I pray that your dreams of an empowerment center come true and that you are able to help many girls and women. Keep going!!!