A visit to the ORPHANAGE

Posted December 31, 2020 from Nigeria
A Visit to the Orphanage
A Visit to the Orphanage (1/1)

Last week was a great week for me , because A dream came through for me. I planned Orphanage visit with my tween group and it was a huge success, we got donation of food stuff, clothing and cash gifts for these Orphans.

I love to organise events for children so we had a Christmas birthday party for them on the 26th, it was the first time the Orphans would be having a Christmas party. 

Really, i felt great to be able to put smile one someone's face.

The donations of money came from my friends, family and associates. I thought it would not come to pass due to covid-19 however we made it. The children had fun connecting and talking the the Orphanage children, many of my friends who went were so happy they did .

My group is called Connect family, i work with teenager's so I decided that they should go out and see other children who don't have  parents living with them so the connect children can appreciate and be more responsible.

The visit helped them to think and appreciate their family.

The Orphans were happy to see children their age come around to celebrate the season of Christmas with them.

This is my Passion,  I love to see smile on the face of children.

Easter is another season to put smile on the face of another set of child.

My name is madame Olieh Connect

I love to connect with children and God bless us all.

Stay Safe

Stay Connected

[email protected]

Happy New Year in Advance. 

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Jan 01
Jan 01

Thank you for sharing. It is really great job! We are proud of you! Please keep this on!
May Almighty God bless you all! Happy 2021!

Jan 01
Jan 01

Thanks sis. Even in our little we should reach out to someone in need.

Paulina Nayra
Jan 01
Jan 01

Dear Madame Olieh,
You are an angel for initiating this Christmas party for orphans. May you get more support in 2021 so you can reach more children.

Jan 01
Jan 01

Thank you sis. It was really great to do something different. We need to reach out to those in need

Beth Lacey
Jan 08
Jan 08

Such a joyful post

Awww. You are loving, generous, supportive, and kind. That is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing this with us, sis Buky!

Rahmana Karuna
Feb 08
Feb 08

How sweet and generous and loving!!! glad you shared this story. sounds like you had a lot of fun. blessings!