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Bunmi Onilude
Posted March 14, 2020 from Nigeria
Raising 2020 Beyond Beauty Tech Ambassadors in 2020


Beyond Beauty Digitally Empower Girl-Child

In my quest to raise girl child as catalyst agent and global transformers, I started  Beyond Beauty Secondary School Tech Tour. Beyond Beauty Tech is fast gain ground and my dream is  becoming a reality, More female Secondary School owners are opening up their doors and collaborating with BBTech to empower their girls.

We were at Master's Hand Academy, Ganiyu Olanipeku Estate, Aradagu, Badagry yesterday.  The proprietress of the school, Mrs.Olarenwaju  Oladapo reception was out of this world! She made us feel human!

A lot of times as women we feel  pressured by society to look our best, to look beautiful and put together no matter what we are going through. We feel unnecessarily pressured to impress others and more often than not we end up being taken advantage of. So it's important for young girls to learn early on that beauty isn't all that matters. What matters is your value, your purpose what you can bring to the table. 

In this day and time that women are making their voice to count, so many girls in Badagry Metropolis are still far behind in maximizing social media to diffuse their purpose! 

I  am on a move to raise 2020 girl- child and young ladies  as  Beyond Beauty Ambassadors in 2020  as I carry  BEYOND BEAUTY TECH across secondary schools in Africa -  speaking on the theme: There is something beyond beauty -  it is PURPOSE. 

BBTech programs empower girl child to  be global transforming agents  using technology, we develop them by exposing them to various digital platforms that can help discover their  purpose, potentials and network them to other world changers

We also envision Beyond Beauty Resort where girl be exposed to various Information technology for a period of 3months  We hope to change the mindset of girl child in our day Together we can; join me on this mission!

I will need  office equipments, furniture and  laptops to set up Beyond Beauty Resort. Will also need mentors to help in empower Beauty Queens Ambassadors during Beyond Beauty Camp Meeting in August  



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This story was submitted in response to #SheTransformsTech.

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Jill Langhus
Mar 14, 2020
Mar 14, 2020

Hi Bunmi,

How are you doing? What a great initiative. So is it an ongoing initiative? I hope that you are able to build your resort. It's so important to teach and empower girls and women to know they all have a purpose. Looking forward to seeing more updates from you about this program and your resort.

Let us know if you're looking for virtual or in-person mentors, and what skills you're looking for. Also, you can post any "need" on the World Pulse "Resources" page, too:

Good luck, dear