End Harmful and Violent Practices Against Women with Me

What I'm Leading

The patriarchal nature of our society still runs very deep. One out of 3 women experiences physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, mostly by an intimate partner. Girls under age 18 are married off every day and thousands of girls are being subjected to genital mutilation/cutting every day. Safety of women and girls is getting worse by day in Nigeria as a result of bad leadership, abject poverty, and an unsecured environment.

As long as girls and women fear for their safety, they cannot realize their full potential. Securing their dignity rests upon eliminating the threat of gender-based violence and harmful practices everywhere.

Women and girls must be able to find their voices, express their power, and live their dreams! Their agency must be developed.

I believe in the inherent potential and ability of every woman to overcome obstacles, take control of her life, emerge confident and strong then make meaningful contributions to her society. I am a living example of this!

I am dedicated to reducing gender-based violence and harmful practices to the barest minimum

Who I'm Impacting

4000 young women in two years!

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