Busayo Obisakin
Posted June 23, 2015 from Nigeria
Empowerment Workshop going on
Skill Aquisition training in Kumihimo Beads
Skill Aquisition training in Kumihimo Beads (1/2)

It was an exciting time as more disenfrachised women in Nigeria were given the opportunity to receive Imagine Human Agency Emapowerment Workshop and Skill Aquisitition Training on how to make Kumihimo Beads in Nigeria. 25 women among which were the leaders of Women Inspiration Development Center who have not been able to be part of the Empowerment Workshops before were in attendance at this workshop.

The Skill Aquisition Training was sponsored by a friend of the center Nancy Siegel who is very passionate about the economic empowerment of Nigerian women. She sent to us the materials and starting kits for the training.

Our past workshops have empowered not less than 500 disenfrachised women and girls in Nigeria by engaging them to create and manifest their life visions. Agency is acxhieved through the application of the empowerment methodology which helps the participants increase their self knowledge so that they can discover what is important to them; translate this into a compelling vision; identify and translate the limiting beliefsthat inevitably arise when creating something new; and adoptan actionable growth startegy to attain their goals.

The most immediate positive changes in the life of the participants is in relation with their nuclear and extended families. They knowledge of this positive impact always spread quickly because of the clse-knit nature of our communities.

One of the women at our past workshop is now having her own NGO as a result of the vision she developed during the workshop. She is workingright now with displaced children in the community.

several women through the empowerment workshop have bbuild self confidence in creating their own different businesses. Some are into Adire tie& dye, house hold utensils business and soapmaking business. These women are having improved quality of life as a result of their improved income.

As a result of these impacts in the participants and the communities, many have already signedup to be part of this empowerment workshop but we are organising the empowerment workshops as we are able to get fund.

As a result of the research carried out of this empowerment workshop in the developing countries by Dr Anita Shankar of John Hopkin University, participants of this workshop demostrated significant improvement in key aspect of human agency. There were dramatic changes in the area of economic condition, relationships, health, education and hope for the future

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