Busayo Obisakin
Posted August 17, 2015 from Nigeria

My name is Busayo obisakin, a counselling psychologist, citizen journalist, CEO/Founder of Women inspiration Development Center, an initiative designed to create a safe place for disfranchised women and girls in Nigeria. I was brought up by an awesome woman who became a widow at the age of 44 with 7 children and now as a community leader, wife and mother of my three children, I believe women are unique creature and so must be respected accordingly.

In 2009, I participated in the program Voice of our Future Correspondence (VOF) and I was fortunate to win the scholarship to attend the Empowerment Institute Certification program in New York. There I learned a powerful and innovative social change program that I now bring to women throughout Nigeria in the hope of giving them a chance at a better life. This program is part of an International Initiative called IMAGINE. I am the Nigeria Program Manager of this initiative.

Main activities of women inspiration development Center are:1) On one hand we facilitate the empowerment of women survivors of violence and provide them with holistic direct support services, keeping in mind their psychological, emotional, physical and economical needs, with the ultimate objective of enabling them to become self confident, self sufficient and self reliant.

2) On the other hand, through our co-ordinated initiatives for social action and change, we influence public opinion and action through public education and awareness; produce and share information and expertise, network and advocate for changes. We mobilize women, men and youth in the rural and urban communities to prevent violence against women and for women to claim and access their rights.

I am so excited to co-lead this group because I know I am going to gain a lot in this group as we share our best practices in economic empowerment and how we can move economic empowerment forward in our different communities

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Aug 17, 2015
Aug 17, 2015

Dear Busayo,

I am delighted to know you are among the new Community Champions for the Economic Empowerment group. I am certain you bring in loads of ideas and experiences to grow and enliven discussions among its members.

Busayo Obisakin
Aug 18, 2015
Aug 18, 2015

Dear Sister,

Thank you your comment and encouragement. I am looking forward to our time together and how we can learg from each other as we share in the group



Aug 20, 2015
Aug 20, 2015

Hi Busayo,

We're excited to have you as one of the Community Champion's for the Economic Empowerment Group.

In a couple of days we will be making it easier to post to a group, but for now remember that you have to change the setting in the post form from "Journal" to "Group". And then identify which group it's for. You'll need to copy this into a new post form and set it to post to the Economic Empowerment group.

Can't wait to see what new things come out of this group!