Human Agency Empowerment Workshop The Key to minimize Gender Based Violence

Busayo Obisakin
Posted March 25, 2016 from Nigeria
Empowered women saying No to violence against women

Finding your own truth and living your life around it to create the life you want for yourself is the key to say No to Gender Based Violence. This is what human agency empowerment workshop is all about. The Empowerment methodology is based on four question questions

1) where you are

2) where you want to be

3) what you need to change

4) where your growth needs to start

Gender based Violence is still thriving because many women don't know the life they or they don't know how to create it. If women are able to discover their truth and live their lives arround this truth, they would have develop the ability and the courage to say No to any oppression in their lives. As a woman, you need to ask yourself "What is it that I want in life?, how do I want my life to look like? when you are able to answer these questions then anything that comes your way short of what you want for yourself would naturally be rejected by you.

You are born with that courage therefore tap into it and today stand up to say "NO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN"

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Sally maforchi Mboumien
Mar 27, 2016
Mar 27, 2016

Big sis that's so true. GBV has as its promoting factor mentality crisis. If women can think of what they want in life in an independent manner, then GBV will be history.

A week ago a women responded to the question what do you want in life now?saying" if my husband can provide food for me then all is well. This woman had just be humiliated and beaten by the same husband which was the reason for the question. What a horrible level of self-esteem and mentality.

I find the empowerment seminar a necessity so that women can have an understanding of what having a dream or vision means.
Mar 28, 2016
Mar 28, 2016


First off, I'd like to commend you on your bravery and independence for taking a stand against social injustices targeted toward women, and for heavily voicing your opinions, empowering individuals all over the world. It is true - gender-based violence continues even today due to deeply rooted stereotypes and discrimination, as well as many countries and women lacking the education surrounding courage, oppression, justice, and methods to stop and/or prevent the abuse from happening. We were all born with potential, and that potential should not go to waste or remain unfulfilled or unexplored due to women being held back by abuse. I completely agree with the 4 questions of the empowerment methodology we should all ask ourselves. 

Thank you for sharing such an empowering and motivational post! I hope individuals from all around the world come to share the same vision and mentality as you.

With kindest regards,

Helen Ng

Erna Surjadi
Apr 17, 2016
Apr 17, 2016

Gender Based Violence can be prevented!


Hello All,

I come to join this group just by accident, while actually I've been involved in this matter almost two decades ago.

I agree with the spirits and questions to everyone, including to men. In fact most men might even never asked themselves the questions. Most people just pursued enjoyment, welfare and happiness, while most of them forgot who they are. (This is actually the first question we are supposed to asked). We are born by God's will, its a true blessing from God that's why its precious! We are born due to God's Love and everybody must put 'respect' on it! We are the creation of God, not human who can try but the final decision is still in God's hand! This point is emphasized by Human Rights: "Everybody is born free with dignity". Gender Harmony (GH) put this as the starting point to build harmonious living that are free from gender based violence ( ; )

Michael Angelo mentioned that there are two important moments in everybody's life. First: when we are born (if we never born other things are nothing). Second: when we know what our life to be. (which obviously being covered by the four questions above: where now, where to go, what to change and how to start)

We need to start the empowerment from ourselves then only could empower others, including husband, men and the community and nation. Everybody is worth by God's creation, nobody owed anyone but Love as God ever wanted human to do by the creation. Women's dignity which been given by God (not the parents or even the husband) is nothing without spirituality to God and knowledge about human's rights that may create peaceful life, independent, advancement, healthy and family welfare. 

Men and women are created by God as suitable partners, that's why we heard the marriage vow in sadness and happiness, in surplus and deficit and so on. They are in equality, although the men become the bread earners, by modernization many women have higher education, livelihood skills and so on; so they can work together with men hand in hand to build their family advancement and welfare. Many men didn't understand the special position and relationship of themselves with women, most of biased thinking came from the mothers (women). When the crisis was running too long without any coping mechanism, the damages were too much and fatal condition was reached. Thus, it is always better doing prevention than cure. Gender based violence can be prevented!

Love is God's command and must be performed without mask (Rome 12: 9). Gender Harmony (GH) performed long study and research since 2003-2006, 2006-2008, 2008-2010 before its first launched in 2010. GH could reduce 56% violence against women and girls, while during the GH journey through local, international and global there were about 55 countries (From Asia, Pacific, Europe, Africa, East Mediterannian, Australia and America) heard about it. Many testimonies are noted and not a single one rejected the method, they gave and reported positive feedback instead. There are five publications of GH book series, two of them are in English. The books are full with true stories that can open our eyes wider and stimulating smart experience for not to have it into our life or even not to invite it sneaked in our life. 

I'm willing to share and give consultation for free to anyone interested as programme managers and or activist, academia or even as personal. Anyone could ask me any case (own or friend's case) and I will analyze the case based on scientific attached to the GH principles and approach. Many people were helped although they listened GH from Radio programmes, talk shows, Seminar and so on.

I spent so much resources to publish and brought this into the global world conference; I'm a bit tired already spending too much money traveling while most of institutions in the world stand for brands, status and power only. As a small NGO a non profit one, we're even not being recorded by the World Organization for we had done over the years while most of every year we spent money and succeeded to conduct panel discussion we paid several times, but I just realized recently they didn't record those due to we are the beginner, not in a certain higher status. It's a real life world! The bigger the stronger; the smaller, the looser! While in harmony principles: you can create pink, only if the red loosing more compared to the white!

I'm now losing my confidence due to if they truly wanted to eliminate the harmful condition and worked on the affirmative changes, it didn't happen. The spirits yelled everywhere is now sounding classics, while the proper actions and programmes are more meaningful and needed to change this world! Men might be shock at the beginning of the era 2000, however after almost two decades past without specific changes in the method we can depend on, I don't think men thinking this is important any more, its might be like gone with with the mind...?! Come on , Ladies...!!

The spirit is never dies! However, again and again we heard in several countries many women becomes victims of violence (physically, mentally, sexually and economically), while not even a new qualified programme being put to change the condition. Most of noted programmes were reinventing methods and just wasted the dollars for mostly spectacular news and books only not the expected changes.

No harvest if we never plant anything! What you spread is what you can get later! Yelling, shouting, flyers, slogans and masses voice can only end up to a heavy wind with noise in the air..!

Let's get the knowledge on how to prevent and then eliminate it accordingly from this life, ever!

Your life could be changed forever when you learned about Gender Harmony in creating peaceful life and harmonious living in family, community and nations life! In life, the best approach is win-win, however there is one which never loss: Goodness! GH is noted bringing goodness to many families and people.

GH has about 150 local members spreads about 15 provinces in the country (Indonesia); there are about 6 (six) religions among members who are coming from various occupation: teacher, executive, legislative, academia, privates, engineering, accountant, house wife, activist, students etc;  and amazingly 55% are men! We are living in harmony..!

Doing goodness in your life made peaceful life as God hath promised, He never lies!

Have a blessed day! God speed..!

Harmony greetings

Dr. Erna Surjadi MS.APBI, PhD


Founder & Director of Gender Harmony Foundation

Olaoluwa Abagun
May 01, 2016
May 01, 2016

Yes! We can definitely tap into our inner courage and live strongly empowered lives as women :)

Very apt piece Ma.