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Busayo Obisakin
Posted August 17, 2015 from Nigeria
Expired on October 16, 2015
More Women keep coming
More Women keep coming (1/2)

Women Inspiration Development Center took another step forward in its quest to remove women and girls in the pit of abject poverty and domestic violence. Hundreds of women and girls were recruited into the center recently to be part of the Human Agency Empowerment Workshop that will help them to envision and Entrepreneurial Training in Fashion Design, Bead making and Adire Tie and Dye that will give them economic empowerment.

After the Human Agency and Economic Empowerment of 100 women and girls funded by Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund (VGIF). Women Inspiration Development Center Board of trustees decided that the money realized from the sales of materials made during the training should be used to empower 30 more women and girls in the community.

Therefore the advertisement to sign up for the next entrepreneurial training was announced on the local radio. By the end of the week, 140 women and girls have signed up for the training and more were still coming to date. This left the management of Women Inspiration Development Center perplexed on how would they turn away the remaining hundreds women and girls after taking the 30 people they planned for originally.

These women and girls (the left over) dissolved to tears as they realized they could not be part of the entrepreneurial training now. This is as a result of the poverty level in Nigeria now and women are the worst victims.

I am now appealing everyone that would see this article to help us in one or the other to help the remaining hundreds of women and girls that refused to leave the gate of our center for the entrepreneurial training in Fashion Design, Bead and Adire making.

You can help us in these ways:

by sending training materials like sewing machines, other sewing materials and beads to us By sending money to buy the training materials here By linking us with funders Share us in your community Fundraising for us

Your contribution of $50 will train a girl on a vocation

$150 will establish a woman as an entrepreneur

“Help a woman and you are establishing a nation”

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