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About Me

at the age of 21 now, I've grown up in a third world country and experienced the hardships of living in such an environment. Through the hard work of my parents, I managed to get an education and now pursing the frontiers of knowledge by attaining my BA in Entrepreneurship. I have a heart for all the women that deserve better treatment in the world regardless of the circumstances they go through. I try my best to stand up for the voiceless women in my community by encouraging them to get involved in the decision making meetings that take place in my community, this in turn encourages them to take part in the activities. This in turn helps them voice out their views and opinions.
Am ready to stand up and fight for the respect women deserve, we all need a moment of peace within ourselves- the future is bright! entrepreneurial activities(innovation) and fellowship failure intimidates me business creation and management

My Vision

to make the world a better place for all women