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About Me

I am the leader/CEO of my own company which I started in 2007 in Belgium. I also have two kids : a girl of 20and a boy of 17.

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and after a long career in a multinational bank I took the opportunity to change my professionnal life. My vision was that in order to improve health you had to improve your nutrition rather than curing diseases, by getting away from this industrial made junk food to natural and organic food. My objective was to sell natural and organic, high quality food through specialised supermarket stores. By having modern, appealing, one-stop shopping stores we would enable a larger number of people to get better informed and to buy these healthy and qualitative products. today we have 4 supermarket stores and employ more than 60 people.

The other leg of my project was to train and develop our employees over time. This has been achieved as my goal was to reinforce their own leadership, autonomy, accountability, awareness, confidence based on sharing and cooperation rather than competition. This has also help me develop my own confidence as a leader.

My Vision

I am convinced changes in the world will come from women and men connected with their "feminine part".

I would like to bring (and expand) my own experience as a leader - entrepreneur to help inspiring changes in the way of doing business in the economic world. The business world in my belief has a lot of impact in leading changes in the world (health, environment, people, ..to name a few)

I would also like to help further action by providing training and coaching to womenand girls to strenghten their self confidence, autonomy and leadership


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