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About Me

My name is Cadicia Vilakazi a south african woman who founded Keenchild clothing with a purpose to promote the sense of true freedom to all " Keen" children all over the world. in which children feels empowered as they are given an option to choose and or create their own stlye with which they will love to show up in the world in it, and through which self designed style is made by the child from different patterns and coloures.

Keechild - empower the child empower the world.

My Vision

A world of true freedom where people are inspired by the beauty of being unique and different and embrace it as if it were your own symbol


To verbally encourage and practically help their children to use their abilities of making their own choices and that will empower them.


I develope or match a unique personal style with personality to enhance your inner voice which improves one's self esteem and perfomance .


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