Posted June 12, 2020 from Turkey

As a social scientist and sociologist, I am very interested in NgOs studies and human rights actvism. I sincerely support feminist movements, women's human rights strugle and social movements. 

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Hello, Cansuk,

Welcome to World Pulse! What a joy that a new voice from Turkey is rising up!

You are in the right place! We would love to read more from you, your work, your experiences, and personal reflections in between. Please write more! Feel free to explore this platform, too.

Welcome to our growing sisterhood!

Jun 12
Jun 12

Hello Gorgeous sister,
Thank you for sharing
Please stay safe out there.
You are special to us .

Jun 13
Jun 13

Welcome to World Pulse Cansuk :) Your story is your power. Looking forward to reading your story.

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