Teen Mom Prom

Cara Lee
Posted January 29, 2012 from United States

At Denver's Florence Crittenton High School for teenage mothers, the school is offering it's first-ever leadership class. The class project: to apply practical leadership skills by putting on the school's first-ever prom. The Denver Post recently published an article about the prom, and some in the community reacted with outrage that pregnant teens and teen moms would put on a dance. They believe it sends the wrong message by rewarding bad behavior. But I've been following the leadership class, and I have another idea about the kinds of messages the girls are learning from their prom project. You can read my take on it at the Girls Trek Too blog, "Teen Mom Prom: Is it a Reward, a Learning Opportunity, or Something More?" http://girlstrektoo.com/blog/2012/01/teen-mom-prom-is-it-a-reward-a-lear...

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