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Carolina Cimador
Posted August 13, 2014 from Argentina
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Hi all! I was working hard in recent times ... My creative side vanishes when I have to give concentration processes. This community is made ​​up women of all nationalities, active, activists, entrepreneurs, motivated and services persons. The stories I read are amazing and wonderful, make my desire to do grow and expand!

Don't know how many of you started social enterprises alone and from 0?, wanted to hear experiences of the process! I learned is that for flesh Big Dreams must be in good company and every day better educated and trained!

Since returning to Mexico in January and decided to present my project for mentoring to Cherie Blair Foundation, presented at the OpenEd Challengue and meet WorldPulse in CSW58; has begun for me a "frantic stage" where all my dreams and my actions are aimed at this.

The first thing I decided was to train my business skills, which was a bit neglected for lack of use. I received excellent training at the Women's Business Summit in February and March. This group of talented women are taught to find our mission and values ​​to make you happy in job and that this be an extension of love and real service.

I decided to interact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Argentina and attended lectures at GreenDrinks (that encourages the exchange and presentation of projects with a fun, social and ecological vision); I took a Academia course for business and made contact with the woman coordinator of inclusive business in Buenos Aires: University UNIDiTella telling about empowerwomen too.

Since I began my mentoring program in May everything has become more organized and professional!

All ideas busy jumping in my head have gone through to look more realistic and enforceable to a blank page in Word & Excell During April did the introductory course mentoring program; although one premises of participation is "confidentiality" the general features of the program are unique. The provision for collaboration between mentors and mentees on progress, doubts and polls are unbeatable. We have a library full of resources (one spends a lot of reading) :), a forum where we connect, and Magic bright when provide us mentors specialized in each area.

My mentor and the team are amazing beings! I meet with him online once a week. We talked and discussed about the progress of my business plan (first thing I had to do). For me we has generated a pretty friendly relationship where we chat about our life, family, work and process. He works a lot and still give me your time voluntarily to help others improve. He also has -like everyone, a wonderful story to tell.   I always say that EmpowerWomen is my virtual home and WorldPulse is the place where I am taking a tea with friends, relax and chat.

So I never leave to go home and live what is happening with lectures, webinars and to share what it happen.

Leana, Super welcome and Vocal Team: Cali, Kelly, Mary, Jennifer and many others received So Well that gives me joy through this club! We have a lot similar feelings! The passion to break limits and stereotypes through the voice, the word and knowledge experiences. Activists ICT to raise heads; internet has so scope that is Unlimited.

Along the way I met an exceptional human qualities, supports and lights in my moments of doubt and darkness to go forward.

Another of my works during these months has been to present my projects in different applications to give more visibility, it is like a game to compete, is available on co-create and makes many eyes can evaluate you: OpenEd Challengue Momentum for Change Verizon Awards Climate Colab help me do this more perfectible model.

Sisters WorldPulse here I leave a small part of this own way. My first goal is to return to Mexico, make a website, get a headquarters and start working with the business strategy to mayan woman.

Alma Abierta Mexico has to be an achievement in this year! Mayan women expect to be recognized and educated respecting their value of care to Diversity and #Mother Earth. Thanks for stay there. With joy and hope Caro

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Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014

It's wonderful to read about your future plans, Caro and your dedication to empowering Mayan women through training in business strategies. I can see that thanks to the internet and particularly, World Pulse you have been able to connect with any people in the field who have have helped you achieve your goals and have instilled confidence in your ability to realize your goals of empowering women. I'm so glad that you have found a mentor who has been very supportive and helpful to you. I wish you all the best for the future and hope that you will be able to empower Mayan women. I would also love to hear more about Alma Abierta Mexico.

Kaity Van Riper
Aug 27, 2014
Aug 27, 2014

This is wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work. God Bless.

Ukhengching Marma
Nov 05, 2014
Nov 05, 2014

Hello Mam, First i congratulate for you achievements and contributions in the sector of women empowerment. I am encouraged and inspired by you activities. Women like you are so inspirational to their own communities. I am so glad that mentors hip ha helped you to go further way in your life journey.I am also a aboriginal girl in Bangladesh and i know how important to empower women in these communities so that they can lead with their own identity. Best of luck. thanks Ukheng ching Marma Online community listner