Commemorating International Girls in ICT Day by #GirlsInICTechWeek

Posted April 20, 2015 from Papua New Guinea
Day 2 - Hardware and Networking Session : Researching on how certain computer hardware works. (1/2)

As I wrote in my post on LinkedIn, I've always wanted to do this - run a workshop for girls to teach them about ICT - but what about ICT? It is such a broad area and so much to learn from, that sometimes we may be saying too much, or too little, too diverse, too technical and our audience or participants will just end up being confused as they had started from.

So what about #GirlsInICTechWeek -- It is definitely the start of great things to come!! - that is my prediction! Having just ended the first ever #GirlsInICTechWeek in Kokopo, East New Britain has been such an overwhelming feeling.

Especially when you hear from 19 young female participants who are able to stand up and confidently share about something that they have learnt - which they never knew about before, or they knew but didn't know in detail - like - how a hard disk drive works, or what is a all-in-one-printer, what is it about 1's and 0's being so special in this industry and the list goes on. To hear them actually using these technical terms and acronyms that they never used before - such a great feeling to know that knowledge has been shared/imparted and passed on and for them to even be thinking about pursuing further studies in Computer Science/Computer Technology is an additional bonus!

A 1-week intense learning which included hands-on experience, a bit of theory, a bit of sharing from experienced people in the industry, especially from women who work in once considered male-dominated field - where safety boots are worn, a phillips screwdriver being your best friend and a room full of blue cables running here and there.

It was the first of its kind and the response has been positive - many more want to be a part of it! I'm so thankful for those who were able to support it, to NICTA (again an unknown acronym to one they now know) because of course without the funding, it couldn't have been possible and without the commitment of the 19 girls (should be 20) - it would never have eventuated either.

From Introduction to ICT concepts, to the types of professions, ICT in Papua New Guinea to the technical presentations of hardware and networking, coding and software, internet and WWW technology and the exciting site visits to the Communications Providers and ICT departments provided a holistic ICT learning for the participant.

Read about the International Girls in ICT day and also check out my other posts about the event.

We now looking forward to another 'first' - the first ever ICT expo in Kokopo, Papua New Guinea. A time when ICT companies and individuals and institutions can share, get together and promote their services and products to the community.

All for the love of ICT and for the purpose of getting more girls to choose careers and pursue further studies in ICT.

It is the Industry - the I.T. industry :D

p.s. They even got to hear about World Pulse and how it is a cool site for networking women and all were encouraged to create their profiles and journals.

am hoping that the next training I conduct is the Digital Literacy one by WorldPulse :D (thank you for the materials)

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Alyssa Rust
Apr 20, 2015
Apr 20, 2015

Dear Carolepng,

Congratulations are running your weeklong tech workshop. From the photos it looks like it was a big success. Thank you so much for sharing about this great activity to the World Pulse community. From your post it sounds like you made a great impact on the 19 people who participated in your program. Also great to hear that you were able to spread the word about World Pulse and I look forward to hearing about your next workshop about digital literacy. Thank you for sharing all the great work that you are doing.

Sincerely,   Alyssa Rust 

Apr 20, 2015
Apr 20, 2015

Hi Alyssa,

Wow thanks for stopping by and reading! Much appreciate it!

After I posted this, I realised there's a Take Action Campaign - for 'No Ceilings on the Path to Participation' -- which I think my #girlsinictechweek could just be a good story to share for this - I will be extending my post and submitting a story to go towards this :) already I see the impact of this #girlsinICTechWeek to support World Pulse movement :)

Alyssa Rust
Apr 20, 2015
Apr 20, 2015

Yes the No Ceilings on the Path to Participation is going on now and it would be great for you to contribute a story about your program. There is a lot of data from No Ceilings regarding edcuation and access to technology which would relate really well to the work you are doing. I have provided the link and you can post directly into the promt site. I know everyone at World Pulse, staff and community members, are excited about this campaign.

Eliza Gilmore
Apr 21, 2015
Apr 21, 2015

Hi Carole!

I loved reading your post here about the work you are doing with women and girls and ICTech! And, of course, I'm thrilled to hear that you are planning on implementing our digital literacy training and bringing these women and girls onto World Pulse. We welcome them with open arms and are so happy to have new members joining our site and using it as a safe space to learn these digital tools. I salute you!

Also, to echo what Alyssa said, I'd strongly encourage you to participate in our Path to Participation Initiative going on right now! It is a great opportunity to speak out about specific issues, giving story to the data points released by the No Ceilings Initiative. We hope to hear your voice and also please encourage others in your network to submit, as well! 

Sending you my best wishes for your future trainings -- please continue to let us know how they go!

In sisterhood,


Apr 22, 2015
Apr 22, 2015

Well done Carole!