Take Back the Tech: Compiling Gender Based Violence Campaign to DVD and Posters

Posted October 26, 2015 from Papua New Guinea
Women during the Kutubu National Haus Krai Event
Women in Kutubu, Southern Highlands Province , Papua New Guinea who participated in the Gender-based Stop violence against Women campaign - dressed in the mourning attire to signify National Haus Krai - House of Mourning .. mourning for those who continue to struggle and face abuse and violence in our communities.

I have recently been blessed with a work project that had me engaged for 10days working, but spent about 8days -- though the group required a 30min x3 DVD publication, we were only to do a 10 min video this time around and others are still in progress.

10min seems to be a good amount of time to work on such a project. I recall being told every 1 min production requires 1 hour planning and yes this was my first ever sole project to do and I learnt many lessons from it in terms of editing, compiling but most importantly -- the issue itself.

I was tasked to document the 'Gender-based/Women Against Violence' Events that took place in May in 5 centres of Papua New Guinea where women-led organisations volunteered to lead in organising these events.

These events are being termed: 'National Haus Krai' Events -- Haus Krai meaning House of mourning - this is the name given to the place where people gather to mourn the passing of a loved one.

In this case, the 'Haus Krai' was a way of showing grief and sorrow for the women that have lost lives or are suffering from Domestic Violence and Abuse.

This initiative came about in 2013, after a young woman who was accused of using sorcery was burned to death in front of crowds of people, this news reached the whole world and people mourned. Groups were formed to bring about a voice so that such issues can be raised and since then, this year is the 3rd year of such events.

The video presentation put together speaks of how the 'Haus Krai' initiative came about and what has taken place since then. Issues discussed during the events and so forth.

One key impact that these events have had a successful outcome of is the passing of the Family Protection Act for our country, Papua New Guinea.

Though domestic violence and abuse still take place, more women are now coming out , voicing what used to once being a topic not to be discussed or as they usually refer to -- the family's problem not ours.

It is now becoming a national problem and one that needs more powerful and strong voices to come together.

I will be posting a bit of the video to youtube and hope that you can be able to view and sense the cry of the women -- which is a global cry for peace for prevention of GenderBasedViolence.

While working on the video presentation, I couldn't help but stopping to shed tears and pray to God for peace and strength for all women, children and even men who continue to be victims of such.

We can continue to use technology to promote and voice out issues via posters, videos and photographs - pictures do speak more than a thousand words and videos speak even more.

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Tamara Kubacki
Oct 28, 2015
Oct 28, 2015

Dear Carole,

Thank you for sharing your story--I can't wait to see your video on YouTube. Don't forget to let us know when it is available. I, too, have to stop sometimes to cry and pray for all women who have experienced any kind of gender-based violence. What a shame that we have to worry about these things in such a modern age. Thank goodness for people like you who are using technology to bring this issue to more eyes and hearts. The Haus Krai initiative is very interesting. I wonder if there are ways other cultures can learn from it to adapt something similar to address abuse and violence. Thank you for letting us know about it so we can share in the mourning and help with the change.



Oct 30, 2015
Oct 30, 2015

Dear Sister, I really can't wait for the youtube, and best of luck in your work. Your tears came from a genuine faith in women's rights and a desire to make our world a better place for everyone. Thank you for all the mazing work you are doing.

Kim Crane
Nov 10, 2015
Nov 10, 2015

This is an exciting initiative. I'm glad you were able to help document it! Is the video available on YouTube? And if so, could you include the link in your story? Thanks!

Nilima Raut
Nov 14, 2015
Nov 14, 2015

Please post the link of the video soon.