Thank you World Pulse! Community Champion Birthday Gift!

Posted April 13, 2016 from Papua New Guinea

It has been awhile since I've been back on World Pulse - and just a couple of days ago, I received an email:



As you probably know, Vocal Contributors are defined as World Pulse members who maintain higher-than-average levels of engagement and activity in the online community. Just as the badge is automatically awarded to members who are consistently vocal for an extended period of time, the same badge is removed automatically if such levels of engagement are not sustained.

Based on your decreased level of activity over the last few months, your Vocal Contributor badge will be removed. But don't worry -- you can earn it back!

You remain a valued member of our community, and we hope to see you online again soon!

Warm regards,

The World Pulse team


I felt sad :( receiving it --- not because I deserved to remain as a 'vocal contributor' but because I realised I neglected my regular time on WorldPulse site. A site that has allowed me to develop my writing skills, networking skills and increased my Digital Web2.0 Skills and introduced me to a wonderful group of women from all around the world.

It also made me realise that I was not keeping up to my commitment to WorldPulse to show appreciation for all that it has allowed me to be and to participate in.

One of the highlights been: A community champion for the Technology & Innovation group. A group that takes time to develop and will need a lot of focus to develop, gather information and posts so to encourage more people, women to join the group.

There is now a new set of Community Champions and the greatest challenge I found was time! time! time! and also connectivity issues.

But the reason for my post was to say THANKYOU to World Pulse for the opportunity of being a Community Champion and also the special gift reward which was a timely one, having received it , or being aware that I had received it, on my birthday :)

Such a lovely timely birthday gift!

I encourage you to take up the role as a community champion, not because of the special gifts (which a bonus) but because of the learning and empowerment development that will enhance you to improve your online, networking and management skills and not forgetting the new friendships that will develop amongst other fellow Community Champions.

I wish the other Community Champions all the best and wish nothing but blessings for World Pulse Team :)

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Apr 15, 2016
Apr 15, 2016

Welcome back Carole and thank you for encouraging Community Champions (CC) to see their time as CC as an opportunity to improve their networking and management skills :)