Finding me in the midst of ICT and Media

Posted September 25, 2017 from Papua New Guinea

It's been a long while since I've come back to World Pulse! I logged on I think a couple of days ago and saw how the site has developed and changed. It's amazing! This digital world we live in.

It changes every day - constantly!

I find myself in the midst of it and as I write, I think back to this journey through life, having this 'digital' world become a part of my life in so many levels.

Computer Science was not my 'choice' outright - I actually wanted to take up Business - having done well in Economics in Yr 12, but being in a science class and at the top, my Physics teacher who was also my Deputy Principal would not accept that. I recall he tearing up my School Leaver Form, giving me a new one and told me - that I had to make another choice.

But I didn't like Physics! I loved Chemistry! but decided for something Engineering - but then, everyone else was taking up Engineering.

"Hmm.. this looks interesting!" Computer Science - part of the Maths and Computer Science Department. Maths. I loved. Computers. I loved. and Science Yes! Perfect Fit!

And so it was! 4 years graduating and off to the promised land of work.

Did I use much of what I learnt? Not really. It wasn't about 'how much you learnt' but it was about 'what you could do' - I had to learn 'on-the-job'.

Some many years fast forward in this ever-changing industry - I find myself not behind servers, with screwdrivers, network cables, machines, but taking photos, sitting in front of my laptop, on the phone, and interacting more so with people than machines but still exercising my technical abilities in some way or form.

From learning how to code, programming to my first job of fixing computers and running cables to managing networks, and databases to utilising ict for development and now integrating all that through digital media and social media - it has been an exciting journey and watching how technology has evolved, how applicable it has become and finding your place in it all.

I now work as Communication Media Director for the New Britain New Ireland Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and I love my job. It allows me to be online most of the time, use social media for work, use photo and video editing tools, train and meet people, conduct training programs, practice my public speaking, give ideas, thoughts and turn them into actions.

With so many digital tools, applications, and information, one can never stop learning.

Media, Communication and ICT you will find me in the midst of it right now in this stage of my life and I am loving it!

Glory to God!

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Sep 25, 2017
Sep 25, 2017

Dear Caro,

Welcome back. I am glad to see you back in the platform. Yes, a lot have things have changed on the platform, they are all for the better. I am happy to know that you are enjoying your job and making even more use of the computer. Keep doing what you love, my sister.



Sep 26, 2017
Sep 26, 2017

Dear Caro,

Yes, welcome back to World Pulse!  And thank you for sharing the interesting details of your journey, especially as it pertains to the ever changing digital world.  Exciting that you've found yourself and your place in the heart of it.  Best wishes to you!