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Posted April 28, 2019 from Papua New Guinea
West New Britain GICTechWeek 2018
Girls in West New Britain Province GICT Day 2018 Photoshoot
GICT2018 WNB visit to NBPOL IT
GICT2018 WNB visit to NBPOL IT: Mrs Jennie Wanera, ICT Manager speaks to GICTechWeek 2018 Girls (1/2)

This year would be the 5th year that the GirlsInICTechWeek Program has existed. An initiative I came up with as a way of imparting skills and knowledge to young girls who would be interested to pursue ICT as a career choice.

It started in April 2015 and it takes place every GirlsInICT Day week :) so the week where the GICT Day falls - which is the last week of April.

It's been an exciting journey and experience facilitating and organising the event - especially meeting the young girls and seeing the excitement they have when they learn new skills and are amazed by technology!

The TechWeek is a 4-day program where the girls (selected by their school) 20 in total participate in the program - Areas of learning include: Computer Technology, Networking Concepts and Software Development.

A visit to ICT Departments or setups and talks by women in ICT are also included.

A Seminar is hosted where ICT organisations and professionals talk on relevant topics and share their experience and at the end of the program, the girls receive a certificate of Participation.

Over 60 girls have participated and from these 10 have put ICT as their selection of further study choice and 5 have been accepted to pursue their ICT learning.

This year, we missed out in putting together a TechWeek program but a TechWeek Video of Women and Girls in ICT were shown throughout the week to share what girls are learning as part of the ICT course in university and women who work in the ICT Sector.

You can view them on the PNGICTMeri Youtube Channel or read stories from the PNGICTMerisite.

Am thankful for the support of our country's ICT authority body - NICTA who continue to support such initiatives together with other organisations and individuals.

The International Girls in ICT day is finally becoming a Day worth noting in organisations and institutions but more awareness needs to be made.

Looking forward to reading all about the various GICT activities around the globe!


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Jill Langhus
Apr 29
Apr 29

Hi Carole,

How are you? Thanks for sharing your ICT day photos, post, and corresponding video. It's sounds like a very inspirational event for those that are selected. I'm really impressed by Crystal's new business... that's great that she was able to create a passion business, and at such a young age. Kudos to her, and your work to empower these girls to pursue careers in ICT.

Hope you're having a great day!

May 01
May 01

Hi Carole,
This a powerful initiative, thanks for sharing with us!
Much love and blessings.


Beth Lacey
May 01
May 01

Sounds like you had a great day

Hello, Carole,

Wow! Congratulations to you for making it to your fifth year anniversary of impacting girls through ICT! What a wonderful and inspiring initiative you've began. May you reach more girls in the coming years. I'm proud of you! :)