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About Me

I am a Registered Social Worker practising in Canada, and a Board Of Director to several Associations. I am a counsellor, a motivator, an advocate for girls issues and everything girls. I have been an advocate for the less privileged such as the seniors, women and girls for over 10 years. My project Girlability is very special to me because this is the only way through which I can give back to my community back home because I live abroad.
Although the current political challenges have hindered me from regular visits, I continue to impact lives by partnering with others to achieve my objectives, with the latest project being the supply of non-medical masks to girls in my community. ("It always feels so good to give back")
I strive to achieve more, but the resources are limited because I am the main sponsor to my projects at this time.
My challenges are my driving force, and my goal is to continue to inspire as many girls as I am able to.

My Vision

A community that explores girls’ abilities, empowers ideas and provides opportunities for long-term stability.


Funding ideas ( how to general income to fund projects)


I can definitely assist areas such as:
Program ideas specific to girls


Empowering Girls