Break the Cycle of Poverty for Survivors of Child Marriage with Me

What I'm Leading

I am leading a Campaign Project to challenge the cycle of abuse of girls and empower them to rise above the cycle of poverty that survivors of child marriage often suffer from. The project will take place in northern Nigeria where child marriage indices are highest and target adolescent girls and young women with empowerment skills that enable them break the cycle of poverty and improve their livelihoods. Each year, 15 million girls around the world are married off before the age of 18; that is 28 girls every passing minute! In Nigeria, 43% of girls are married off before their 18th birthday; 17% are married before they turn 15. Join me to inspire the change to a major social issue affecting Nigeria's girls!

Who I'm Impacting

This project will impact 45 girls and women aged 14-25 years who are survivors of child marriage.

My Updates