#WomenInnovate: IWD 2019

Carolyn Seaman
Posted March 31, 2019 from Nigeria

In celebration of the International Women's Day Theme, 'Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change', Girls Voices Initiative engaged women in the Hairdressers Association in Orozo Community in a tech innovation project designing and creating a Pi Photo Booth. The event opened with the screening of the World Pulse film and an introduction to World Pulse and how women are using the platform to champion their advocacy to catalyze global change. The women quickly generated interest in the design of the photo booth when they understood how it supports their enterprise by taking pictures of their hand work and sharing it to promote their business. Most of the women had never used the computer before, yet they had a fun-learning experience designing and innovating together. Indeed, WOMEN CAN! As we encourage women to innovate, we create #BalanceForBetter in the technology innovation space.

Our organisation seeks to provide girls and women with education about their rights and empower the girls and women as advocates for the protection of girls' and women's rights in society. We also provide the girls and women with technology and digital media skills with which they can explore platforms and spaces to amplify their voices and innovate solutions to critical social issues affecting them. We were excited that the theme this year is exploring smart and innovative approaches to gender equality and global change. And we are investing innovation skills into girls and women so they can inspire the change the world so desperately needs. Let's co-create impact together with and for girls and women! Happy International Women's Day 2019! Happy Women's History Month!

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Jill Langhus
Apr 01, 2019
Apr 01, 2019

Hi Carolyn,

How are doing, dear? Thanks for sharing this impressive IWD event. It looks and sounds like all the participants really enjoyed themselves. The photo booth was a great idea. How many participants did you have for this event? When and where is your next one?!

Hope you have a great week!

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Apr 04, 2019
Apr 04, 2019

Hi Carolyn,
Thank you so much for sharing and am sure the women enjoyed the movie.
Well done my dear sister and I know and believe that you are truly impacting on your community.
Have a great day and all the best with your projects.

Sabdio Roba
Apr 25, 2019
Apr 25, 2019

Well done dear sister
and it looks like the women really enjoyed. Keep up the wonderful work.
Have a great day ahead.