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Free Online Course: 'Gender-sensitive Governance: what does it look like and how can we work towards it?'

Carolyn Seaman
Posted March 31, 2016 from Nigeria
Expired on May 9, 2016
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This free web-based course provides participants with a general grounding in the current concepts of governance from a gender perspective and offers some examples and resources for applying these within key governance institutions, with a focus on governments.

Note - this is the fourth intake for this course. Previous sessions were run in September and November 2014. and February 2015. We plan to run this event one more time after this starting in June 2016...

Who the course is for:

The course has been designed for a broad range of people, including; gender focal points within ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs), gender leads in Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and those working in new and traditional media roles.

However anyone interested in understanding the challenges relating to gender and governance, such as non-gender specialist policy advisors, academics and students would also benefit. Although the course is intended to be most useful for people in Nigeria, it could be valuable for people from any region.

Certificate of Completion

On successful completion of the course learners will receive a ‘certificate of completion’ that will be issued jointly by BRIDGE, the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), UK, andGender Hub.

When the course takes place

The course starts on Tuesday 12th April 2016 and runs to Tuesday 10th May 2016. During this time, facilitators from theGender Hubteam will actively support participants in problem solving and answer questions related to the course.

What you’ll need to take part

In order to take the course, learners will need:

  • access to a computer or device with Internet connection
  • a modern web-browser installed. We recommend Google Chrome*, for best performance.
  • access to an active email address
  • understand English as a working language

* Google Chrome is available to download for free at:

What you’ll be expected to do

We expect learners to invest a minimum of 4 hours study time for this course (1 hour per module). However, to get the maximum from this course we recommend that participants read, at least, an additional 4 hours’ worth of the many additional readings provided.

We expect individuals to be self-lead and manage their own time within the 4 week periodso that they progress to completion of the course during this time. The course enables learning to be undertaken flexibly and the amount of study hours given by the participants may vary depending on how much they want to engage with the additional materials.

Course authorsThis course is made available byGender Hub- a new free-at-point-of-use online service providing information and knowledge resources on Gender for Nigeria.For more information, see the 'Organiser description'.

For more information about this course and registration, visit

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