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Caryn Dasah
Posted January 20, 2020 from Cameroon
Silencing the Guns
Silencing the Guns: Realities of Conflicts (1/1)

"When  Elephants fight, the poor grass suffers" Reading Facebook stories today, alot of opinions have been sampled with the pic of this little girl, I am as well sharing. On one side, sampled ooinioms amd judgments ascertain that this picture was taken some where in Bamenda, while many others stand on the contrary   that it is fake. My Point, I don't care if it is fake or real! But this picture is the sad reality of what is ongoing in the North West and South west Regions of Cameroon. Babies have been orphaned  Pregnant women killed why not Nursing mothers.  The Guns donot chose who to kill, it obeys the orders it receives accordingly.  This is how much we have been reduced by a war we did not sign for. This is how miserable our Lives have been for three plus year and still counting.  Yes it is this Bad! Many will act like everything is Okk and some of us are exaggerating.... 

The latest trends... Bamenda I have watched videos where our mothers are crying because their children are slaughtered like meat. I have seen Humans, burnt alive by  fellow human being.  Sacrilege. Those who preach Peace Don't come with Guns.

Guns are made to KILL To you inciting violence, Jubilating over the dead of another human being, I Hope you never Die To you, having the guns,  making life so unbearable, dictating to us, when we Live or Die, I hope you escape Death too! To you, Yes you... You, choosing to waste Lives because you have a Gun, I hope you stay Alive for ever. No Amount of Explanation given can corroborate How wicked the Heart of man.

The Economy of Armed conflict  Subject for another day. This Table must be shaken.#Silencingtheguns2020 #NotoWar#PeaceIsPossible #UNSCR1325 #UNSCR2250 #NotATarget

This story was submitted in response to Moments of Hope.

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Jill Langhus
Jan 21
Jan 21

Oh, wow! This is the photo you were talking about! Her eyes are so haunted:-( Horrible. Thanks for sharing, though, dear, as it spreads awareness on what is going on and what you're going through.


Jan 22
Jan 22

Like wow :-(. Is it as a results of the war? Very sad. I hope you are very safely protect ing yourselves out there. It's a dark world. You all take care .
Warm regards

Anita Shrestha
Jan 23
Jan 23

Dear Sis
Be safe and safe that lovely dear small cuite one.

Edith Ijeh
Jan 23
Jan 23

I have lived a victim of war all my life (my father) so I can connect easily to you grievance. Sending you love and light with hope that peace comes faster then expected. Be safe dear sister

Hello, Caryn,

This is heartbreaking. As a mom myself, I can truly weep with these mothers, " mothers are crying because their children are slaughtered like meat." How horrible.

I do not understand where and how do these troublemakers get a supply of their guns? Surely they have to purchase their bullets or ammunition. Where do they get the money to buy these in the past three years?

Thank you for raising your voice about this issue.

Jan 24
Jan 24

Hi Caryn,true the grass suffers when two elephants fight,this poor innocent little love is as the grass,and those fighting don't care what becomes of her. I just hate seeing these pictures these days one I saw today made me really cry. And I wonder what our world and Africa in particular is becoming. God help us. Thanks for shearing

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Caryn,
This is such a strong picture. There is so much hurt and horror in that child's eyes. We pray that one day the situation will change for the better. There is hope for sure in the future.
Thank you for sharing and all the best in your work.

Marie Abanga
Jan 30
Jan 30

Dear Caryn,

I may not be on ground zero as we call it, but the impact of the crisis is felt all the way and we out here host Idps. Indeed am working with them on a project and some of the tales am getting is grueling. Thanks for sharing so that our sisters around the world can feel us and empathize with us. Let's keep rising, and writing and talking until peace returns. #thereishope
Warm regards

Nene Nkengla
Feb 04
Feb 04

Dear Dasah, it is really sad to here the horrible things going on In our country and to thing the most vulnerable in are this are the little children is so disheartening

Felicitas Wung
Feb 07
Feb 07

Greetings my dear sister,
What we are facing in the two anglophone regions of Cameroon is really a course for concern. There is no respect for human life again.
Sister Caryn I can't just imagine what that little girl on the picture can be thinking.
Who even knows whether her parents have been burnt alongside the house or shot to dead. It's be pathetic situation.
Let's keep praying and hoping for the best for our country Cameroon.
God will see us through.
Have a nice evening sister Caryn.