3 Ways You Can Empower Women in Business

Catherine VanVonno
Posted March 4, 2021
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One of the most remarkable things to happen in this age is the rise of online businesses built by women. Many of the online business we know today were created by female entrepreneurs who have made a name for themselves in various industries. From fashion to tech, the contributions of women are significant to a lot of customers and other entrepreneurs.

This is definitely inspiring for many women out there. Whether they’re pursuing a different career or starting an online business, women across the globe can gain confidence from other women’s success.

If you are a female entrepreneur yourself and wanted to set up your own today ensure you check this guide https://20four7va.com/client-tips/start-online-business-6-easy-steps-2/ and pay it forward and empower other ladies who want to know how to start a small business. Regardless if they simply want to make money from home or to have a successful career in a large company, these simple acts can help motivate them in reaching their goals.


Set Your Online Business as an Example

You don’t necessarily have to be the perfect role model. If you have made mistakes, don’t feel embarrassed and try to hide them. Let other women learn from you by sharing your experience with them. Lead with humility and kindness and make sure you are using your power as a female leader for good. This means ensuring equal opportunity for all your subordinates regardless of their gender. Providing a safe environment where women can speak up freely is important too.


Keep a proper perspective

Your patience will be tested so many times every day when you’re a leader but always try to keep a level head. People often expect women to be emotional; don’t give them the satisfaction of being proven right by succumbing to your frustrations. Take a step back and assess the situation. Focus on your priorities and if you can’t control some things, don’t get worked up too much. During these trying times, you should do your best to remain optimistic yet realistic.


Connect with other female mentors

If you’re not sure about how to be a mentor to other women, it would certainly help if you have other female mentors in your social and professional circles too. Learn from them and also share what you know with them. There’s really no crash course for this, but it helps a lot if you have a community of women that you can rely on. Actively seek other women who are determined to be better or who you think will be a good influence on you. It sounds difficult, but wouldn’t it be nice to build a community where women are able to empower and make genuine connections with each other?


Lastly, in empowering other women, remember that you don’t have to force yourself into becoming something that you’re not. Authenticity is an essential currency these days, so you just have to be real about who you are. You don’t have to be perfect; you don’t need to fit some mold that others have created. Let your unique traits and principles guide you. Sometimes this is enough for other women to feel empowered and confident with the

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Mar 04
Mar 04

Dear Catherine,
This is a halleluia moment. You are speaking to me loud and clear. I am in the process of starting two online businesses. It took time just to create a game plan and get comfortable with the concept. I used Instagram just to get started. I am quite good at it now, but I just wanted it as a training ground. I am going to move on to Etsy and Shopify. I bought classes and modules to sharpen skills that I already have, and to build the ones I don't. With every online course is a women entrepreneur that I can get support from. I joined Skillshare.com as well. The link you posted above is great! Your post above really hits home with me because it's what I am presently going through. So thanks loads.
Welcome to the World Pulse family. I'm so glad you are here. Kick off your shoes, and get comfortable. Please share your stories. We need them. I need them. I'm so glad I stopped by!

Catherine VanVonno
Mar 05
Mar 05

Hi JoMarie,

Thanks a ton for the warm welcome.
I'm really happy to hear that you find it helpful.
You're doing it right, just keep on learning new skills!