Sex & Reproductive Health Education is Her Right

Catherine Fidelis
Posted January 23, 2017 from Tanzania

I know Sex is the most embarrassing topic for people of all ages and nationalities, but one day you enter a class of 15 year old students and you introduce yourself as a Feminine Health Empowerment facilitator and that they can ask you any question about their bodies actually they can anonymously write down their questions. The first few questions you receive read:

1. Madam, i am sorry i have to ask please don't laugh, is it a must when you had sex you discharge pus?

2. Is it true when you urinate in the same toilet as men, youget pregnant?

3. How is a baby made? I was told babies are bought? What makes a baby?

4. Sister,is it true when you have sex two or three times you are no longer a virgin?

5. Is it true if you had sex and conceive, tea leaves can be used to abort the pregnancy?

6. What is anal sex?

What comes to your mind? Thesegirls have heard all sort of information concerning sex whether the information weretrue or not. Parents and guardians sometimes give simple answers thinking that their kids are too young to hear the truth but then they forget to update their `little white lies`when the time comes. We leavegirls with misinformation which expose them to health issues that might be harmful or that could be avoided and we are denying them their right to make informed choices.

Yes it is embarrassing to tell your daughter about sex but these questions were asked by someone's daughter and if we were not there in class to answer them they would have grown up with these false informationand questions.

If your a parent you are not saving your child for hiding or feeding her myth on sex, talk to your children, YES it is hard and embarrassing but you will save his/her life. They will still be our little angels who will grow up to be guardian angels if we do our work right as parents.

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Jan 23, 2017
Jan 23, 2017

Hi Catherine. I totally get what you are saying. If we don't help youngsters at that age to get the right information about sex but instead leave them guessing, they will eventually get informed... but at what cost? Imagine a young girl getting sex education from a member of the opposite sex who is interested in her sexually. How accurate can that information be? We who are better informed need to have a way of reaching them. Please read my post I wrote today. I am interested in exchanging ideas about this with you. Thanks

Natasha L
Jan 25, 2017
Jan 25, 2017

Hi Catherine - Welcome to World Pulse!  It is wonderful to have you as part of this big group of women working for empowerment and equality.

I am inspired to know that you are working as a Feminine Health Empowerment facilitator in your country of Tanzania.  Your work will make such a difference to the lives of young people, especially girls.  Giving them information so they can make informed choices is a way to inspire these girls to become empowered.  Challenging parents' embarassment about talking to their children about sex must be challenged so that the sex myths that put our children at risk are replaced with truthful facts and honest discussion.  We need to support our youth - your work is so valuable.