Women are not a human being in Egypt

Posted December 25, 2019 from Egypt

In Egypt if you were born as a woman you will be identified  less than men in everything inheritance, marriage , equality and even your freedom . there is no law to protect us as a women, i had a bad experience and i needed to talk about it

last year, an Egyptian police man harassed and molested me because i was in the street at 11 pm and he thought that i'm a whore and he let himself touch my whole body and his friends and another police men were stand next to him laughing and he gave himself permission  to check my phone , ID, and read my messages while he was insulting me 

Unfortunately when i tried to resist he Slapped me because i had no right to speak or protect myself,  i couldn't do anything and i cried i felt that if he killed me in the middle of the street no one would say anything, he said that all women are whores !!

i don't feel safe in that country and i know that no women feel safe either , specially with our laws that protect only men in this Country

last week i read the news about a woman her brother killed her and she was pregnant!! and that because she was pregnant from her boyfriend without marriage, he gave himself the right being  her god and executed her !!! 

and when the police arrested him he didn't execute ? instead of that , the judgement judged for him with only 3 years in prison , because he protected his family's honor and killed the shame.

everything here not really logical, and i know that when any woman just say no against these laws she will go to the prison and will executed  

I just need my voice make a little or even small change to change our law and help women in Egypt to have a better life .


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Anita Shrestha
Dec 26, 2019
Dec 26, 2019

Dear Katline
Thank you for sharing

Hannah B
Dec 26, 2019
Dec 26, 2019

Hello Catline,
Welcome to World Pulse!
I am sorry to hear of your awful experience with the Egyptian police. No one should be treated this way - I am glad that you feel that you can share it here and receive support from our World Pulse sisters. I look forward to learning more about you, and I hope you enjoy this community.
Warm regards,

Dec 27, 2019
Dec 27, 2019

Hi Caroline,
A big congrats on your first post, you are a courageous woman. Not all women can speak up as you just did. Keep it up. A warm welcome to our platform.
It's sad you have to experience this horribly act in their hands. Could you not have report them the following day at a nearby police station? Sometimes we don't have to take things so lightly.
How are you doing? Hope you take care of yourself and stay safe.

Jill Langhus
Dec 27, 2019
Dec 27, 2019

Hello Dear Catline,

Welcome to World Pulse, dear! Thanks for sharing your troubling story with us and raising awareness on this issue. I'm glad that you realize this behavior is unacceptable and that you're speaking up about it. How many other women, friends, colleagues, siblings to you know feel the same as you? Have you thought about starting a change.org about this incident or starting a group of women that gather together in your community to speak up and come up with ways to mitigate this harassment?

I'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you, dear. Stay strong and keep speaking up! You're in the right place:-)


Dec 29, 2019
Dec 29, 2019

Dear Catline,
A warm welcome to the World Pulse Family.
I can completely feel your anger for the misogynic happening against women and girls. I am sorry to hear that happened to you too. But thank you for sharing. I am somehow relieved and feel optimistic that the discomfort made your voice expressive and louder. Definitely there are lots of work to act against it and it has already started. I join you in your voice and give you all moral support. I would be more than happy to give you support as far as I can.
Keep writing and sharing. I hope to know you and hear you more.
love and regards,

Jan 05
Jan 05

Hi Catline,
Welcome here in World Pulse and congratulations to your first story . Thank you for sharing this. Hope your law will change, regarding on how they treated women. Your a brave woman, have courage to raise your voice. Hope you doing fine.

Have a nice day dear.

Chinyere Kalu
Jan 06
Jan 06

Oh Mine!It is well with you. But no one is going to bring the

Chinyere Kalu
Jan 06
Jan 06

Oh Mine! I feel your pain. At the same time women in your country must rise up to challenge the status quo.No one can do this for you. We will only re- echo the ills to the world when you women of Egypt start to say no to obnoxious laws .All the best!

Jan 24
Jan 24

What a heart wrenching story. I had no idea that things like this happened in Egypt. I'm so sorry you had this experience. Good for you for speaking out and letting the world know what happened to you. Did you report the crime? Did the authorities do anything? No woman should suffer this kind of treatment.

Let us know how you are doing.