Introducing myself and my journal: Making Our voices hard

Moreen Nakalinzi
Posted February 19, 2009 from Uganda

About Me:hi every one, am Moreen and am form Uganda , am Ugandan and i like working with communities and making people's lives better. i believe that every one should have a chance in life and a moment to smile about things that would have been sad for them. So i have dedicated my life to working in communities in my country.

My Passions:GOD

My Challenges:Accepting things i can not change

My Vision for the Future:To live in a better uganda

My Areas of Expertise:social work

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Victoria Green
Mar 10, 2009
Mar 10, 2009

Hi Moreen, I really appreciate what you do and more than that I love your name. I met recently a girl in Kibera, Kenya who had the same name. I hope this name brings luck to you in all your initiatives. You can make great changes! Nice to meet you here!