Moreen Nakalinzi
Posted February 19, 2009 from Uganda

Like the fact that women have to agree to everything that men say, my friend was asking me other day why we say yes to everything and i realized its a culture thing that we have ti change . Why its okay for men to be polygamous and a taboo for a women to have as many husbands as she likes, Why i have to stay at home and not go to school because am a girl. These are issued that i try to address in my role as a women's empowerment project cordinator

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Fatima Waziri - Azi
Feb 19, 2009
Feb 19, 2009

Oh well, first and foremost, it is trite that Africa is largely a patriarchal culture, very male dominating, and thus the double standard that come with it. Women need to be educated to know that it is ok to be a woman and being a women does not make you less of who you are. Women need to have confidence, self worth and dignity. We need to love other selves and look out for each other. Education changes mindsets and education builds awareness.

Men are polygamous in nature and polygamy is a accepted form of family union in Africa applicable to only men. Its a man's world as they say.

In Nigeria, the constitution which is the superior law of the land discriminates against women, The penal code applicable to northern Nigeria discriminates against women.

Sanjeeta Singh
Feb 19, 2009
Feb 19, 2009

My views are little wild in terms of women empowerment or anything you name it..... In all over world ..every society behaves in the same manner..we have set of rules to follow and we women do it. I ask a question to myself and ask you all to analyse it..that we give birth to so called man..and it's we woman have the responsibility to raise that boy child....have you ever judge How a woman raise a girl and and boy. The very same woman who is suffering from inequality, veil system all sorts of cutural and traditional system create difference between boy and girl. I have seen a 10 year old boy can shout on 20 year old sister and mother would not say anything. To boy ..a mother would allow to play and would never utter a word about housekeeping. Later on when this boy turns 20years old..mother would cry that the son is not listening to them......what a tragedy. I have seen educated women of today doing the same thing...are we saying our daughters that u have to be economically independent from their childhood ...most of the time ..NO. I think its duty urs called educated women to induce true values among our childern..make them equal at all level and then when they grow expect respect in turn.

Dando Mugara
Feb 20, 2009
Feb 20, 2009

i believe the issues you raised are serious ones which each one of us should address. women say yes to almost every thing because thats how a girl is brought up in many cultures especially African, they are taught to respect their brothers and treat them with superiority , in my native land they say: umwaume tachepa, meaning a boy (man) is never young, that is,a boy or man is always superior to a girl or woman, even when a girl is older than a boy or a woman than a man. We really need to change our certain norms in our culture, which is not easy but if we as women work together we can bring about CHANGE.