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About Me

I am the Founder and Director of Hope For The Needy Association (HOFNA) Cameroon. HOFNA's mission is - Helping poor and vulnerable people achieve lasting positive changes in their lives... I have a very strong passion for community development and socio economic empowerment of youth and the rural woman. Like a member of Junior Chamber International, I believe that Service to humanity is the best work of life. That is what keeps me focused and determined. I dream of a world made up of healthy and sustainable communities where poverty and deprivation are far fetched. A JUST WORLD WOMENS HUMAN RIGHTS, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, HEALTH AND EDUCATION

My Vision

As an African woman, I dream of a continent made up of communities where poverty and deprivation are farfetched, where every woman’s voice is heard and their rights respected, where women can shun self piety and take action for innovative and untested id


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