Bakin Kogi a land in search of Redemption

Grace Iliya
Posted November 24, 2021 from Nigeria
The toilet was finally ready for use
The Process of building
The Process of building (1/4)

Growing up as a young girl from Southern Kaduna, middle belt Nigeria, I had experienced depravation first hand as a child. Pains of neglect, the girl seen as a second class citizen without a purpose, so I decided against all odds to reach the unreached, interpret the stories of the girl child that had been deprived of formal education, exposure to social amenities.

I embarked on a mission in a village, without anyone government presence, one sunny day. During my visit I noticed one of the primary four pupils was uncomfortable during a class session. My Foundation, Orah Bayit,  has a volunteering scheme that teaches and empowers the less privilege.

The beautiful girl became increasingly uncomfortable and so there was the need to engage her and her peers as to the reason for the discomfort. Sweat protruded on her face, being a pleasant child and one eager to learn, I was interested to know what the matter was. Interestingly she ran out of the class while her mates busted out in laughter.

She was pressed, I noticed that through the windowless class. All eyes were on her while she maneuvered through the shrubs and thorns for a cover to relieve herself of this discomfort. This is the 21st century yet girls still use bushes, grasses and thorns to cover themselves like the proverbial Adam who sewed leaves to cover the nakedness of eve.

However, this singular act prompted me to build a toilet through my Foundation, Orah Bayit. I decided to take up the project with no help, we were able to build a block of two toilets, one for girls and the other for boys.

The excitement on the faces of the girls will forever be in my memory. The entire community was excited. Since the toilet is a squat system, water was needed. Interestingly the community also has serious water concerns. So, together with the parents and community leaders we agreed that parents will take turns in fetching water from the nearby stream to fill up a mini tank to help the  children keep the toilet clean.

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Nov 24
Nov 24

Thank you for sharing. Your work is really very meaningful and can help a lot of people. Gender equality is still a big topic and needs a lot more work to do to improve in many places of the world.
Your foundation works is not easy but really makes the difference. Please keep the great work on.
May Almighty God bless you, all volunteers in your foundation and the ones you help!

Grace Iliya
Nov 25
Nov 25

Thank you for you kind words dear Rebecca, the impact will definitely be felt when all of us contribute our quota and keep our voices loud enough.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Dear Grace,
Thank you for sharing your work with us. You are doing amazing work for sure and this will impact the communities greatly. Looking forward to more of your posts.

Grace Iliya
Nov 26
Nov 26

Thank you so much for your kind words Anita. I am drawing more inspiration from all of you here