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About Me

I am a visionary with the strength of a lion and the heart of a lamb. I believe in Equality of Women Amongst Women, human justice and that children come first.

My vision lead me to the creation of a global women's advocacy organization designed to Celebrate the Lives of Women Leaders named A Celebration of Women. Our centers of influence are titled WOMEN of ACTION.

This creation lead me to being graced with the blessing of achieving Foundation Status, APPROVED FOR CHARITY in March 2011. Therefore, A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc. was been born. My team and myself are elated. This foundation will assist our centers of influence, WOMEN of ACTION, to achieve their philanthropic goals; as well as, open our flagship home for young women named Celebration House.

So much to say, so little space.... :) my foundation, meditation, people, angels arthritis, time management ( at times) caregiving, writing, speaking, loving

My Vision

peace, joy, abundance, love, women,