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Empower Women with Disabilities With Me

What I'm Leading

I lead in empowering women with disabilities live a life of integrity while advocating for their inclusion in societies. Though a multi-tasking development activist my project is focused on women with disabilities as I am involved and because women with disabilities are the worst hit by women marginalized and discrimination. Located in Nigeria, my project helps wwds overcome poverty, gain voice, acquire skills, live dependent lifes and refrain from street begging. My project is important as it assists women with disabilities live a life of integrity and self-worth. Capacity building is of essence for self-confident as well as peace and security for women with disabilities. We no longer want to live on charity and pity, we need support to tackling unique challenges and lift ourselves up from societal stereotypes.

Who I'm Impacting

My project focuses on empowering 400 women with disabilities and reaching 1000 community leaders via advocacy.

My Updates


About Me

My names are Celine Ebere Osukwu. I was born in Ihioma, a village in Orlu Local Government Area in the eastern part of Nigeria during the Nigerian civil war. I faced challenges growing up and surviving into adulthood given patriarchal culture of my environment. Growing up and surviving in a male dorminated yet "survival of the fittest" culture was an uphill task.

The World Pulse have given me opportunity of speaking for myself. My voice has earned me awards-- powerful opportunities. I was trained in Citizen Journalism, Human Rights and Development Leadership. I work with various organizations to transform the lives of Persons with Disabilities, Women and Youths. I enjoy working to empower the Less privileged.

My Vision

A world where women with disabilities are uplifted and transformed


I need office equipment, clothing as well as fund. I mostly fund my project from my work earning but my clients are now overwhelming.


I have expertise in Advocacy, Peace building, Disability management, project development and management, Human Rights, Leadership, speaking.