Ugandan girls: Can't I stand on my own.

Posted October 27, 2021 from Uganda

In most cases girls are too ignorant about certain things that happen in life. And in most cases they are influenced by their peers that make them believe they can't stand without anybody mere so the opposite sex that may have influenced their lives. Since their is a life changing, i.e. Teaching and training going on, there is a positive response coming up. This should not decline our effort but instead we should put more to see it happening.

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Jill Langhus
Oct 29
Oct 29

Hi Cellina,

Welcome to World Pulse! Thanks for sharing your thought-provoking post. Why do you think you have a difference response that your peers? This is what I always find intriguing for us black sheep? You in safe hands now. There are quite a few black sheep among us here:-)

Looking forward to seeing more posts from you, and learning about what you're passionate about and what your goals are.

Oct 30
Oct 30

Hi Cellina and welcome to World Pulse! Congrats on your first story and a powerful one indeed. Different is good - it means you care about your opinion, even if it means you are standing on your own.
Please keep on sharing.

All the best!