A story of Tumpa Biswas, Bangladesh

Chandan Sarkar
Posted June 4, 2017 from Bangladesh

Chandan Sarkar

Chairman, Research and Empowerment Organization

Bangladesh, website: www.reobd.org

Ms.Tumpa Biswas (24) wife of Tapan Biswas- a destitute Hindu victim of Malo Para within Tala Police station at Satkhira District made an appeal to REO during our fact-finding investigation at Tala Upazila on 09.10.2015 that she got no legal assistance from police for alleged sexual assault on her made by some perpetrators dated 16.08.2015. Perpetrators threatening her to withdraw the case.

Police took cognizance under section 459/325/326/307 of the penal code (grievous hurt caused while committing lurking house of victim) instead of taking cognizance under sexual assault law i.e. Nari-O-Shishi Nirjatan Ain which is a complete denial of proper justice to the victim. ( Tala PS Case No.11 dated 21.08.2015)

We, along with some HR activists of REO & "Paritran" visited her house at Malo Para and Tumpa was produced before Md. Rezaul Islam - Office-in-Charge of Tala P.S. and she wanted to know why the perpetrators have not yet been arrested despite case was lodged on 21.08.2015 against 1)Selim Moral (35) and 2) Biddut Roy (25). O.C. informed REO that as the victim lodged the case against perpetrators on the allegation of section 459/325/326/307 of penal code as such police entertained as the perversion, police also said as the perpetrators are absconding they could not arrest them. But the victim complained that perpetrators are still threatening the victim to withdraw the case.

REO is very much concerned about dilatory tactics of police to arrest perpetrators responsible for committing sexual assault on the victim. The perfunctory investigation conducted by police is far from satisfactory and the penal section provided is not proper section and due to such investigation, the perpetrators may get impunity from punishment as per law.

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Research and Empowerment Organization is working the rape victims rescue and sheltering them.

This story was submitted in response to Online Harassment.

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Jun 04, 2017
Jun 04, 2017

Dear Chandan.  What must been the reason that this keeps happening in your community?