A Malati's-7 years Story, Bangladesh

Chandan Sarkar
Posted June 4, 2017 from Bangladesh

Chandan Sarkar

Chariman, Research and Empowerment Organization

Bangladesh, www.reobd.org

“I am Malati’s – 07 years old daughter, student of grade 3, Daughter of Saran Partha -42 a day labouer. Malati’s has a brother; Biswajit-14 is a student of grade 8 at local school. A local Rikshaw pullar Mohammed Shorab -45 who bring Maloti’s teacher regularly”

Mohammed Shorab-45, frequently visited their house and trying to reach Malati with some trophy. One day, Malati’s mother was sick for viral fever -104 temperatures and his father and brother was not at home.

Mather Kanika Rani -37 is not able to wake- up and not able to pull up her head even due to fiver. Konika Rani told to her daughter Malati to go to the shop and buy some bread for her because she was very hungry. Malati went to buy some bread for her mother at near right a local market. The market has no crowd, suddenly, she saw in a tea stall Mohammed Shorab is taking tea. When the Mohhammed Shorab saw, Malati – he come out and pulling him into his arms and bring into a dark place into the different tiny shop of that local market. Mohammed Shorab kept her mouth into his hands and told, if you sought, I will kill you. Inside the shop, Mohammed Shorab mercilessly raped her. When the blood has come out, he thrown her over there and flown away. When Malati was crying into burst with pain, one local people come and rescued her from that Shop. When we visited on 25.5.2016, the Parents didn’t do any FIR against the Perpetrator. But what we heard that the Perpetrator has four wife’s and four children only 4th wife staying with Mohammed Shorab. His existing wife has come to request to Malati’s parents don’t to do any police complain, unless they will die because they are all depend on the perpetrator.

How to Get Involved

Research and Empowerment Organization is working to the rape victims rescue and sheltering them. 

This story was submitted in response to Online Harassment.

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Jun 04, 2017
Jun 04, 2017

Dear Chandan,  how does your community take some action to avoid this things to happen?