Chantal Asene
Posted November 23, 2016 from Cameroon

I am a young lady from the north west region of Cameroon. growing up in a Rural setting i came to notice how women were marginalized in the community, not being given a voice to speak out they just stay in the curtens of their kitchine, farms and bedroom. I become more passionate to educate the young girls and boys growing up to see a woman more of a useful tool than an assets. I became more focused being a world changer, a servant leader for women. if there is one thing i have learnt and believe in is the idea that; NO AMOUNT OF MONEY, ACHIEVEMENTS, CELEBRITY CAN COMPARE THE FEELING YOU GET WHEN YOU IMPACT A POSITIVE CHANGE IN SOMEONES LIFE. Women health is very important.

I will want to; -change the mind set of women, let them see and believe in themselves. their ability to build a better home they will want to live in. - let women know that they are not there to do what a man can do but do what a man cannot do. -Value their health i am trying to achieve all this by teaching them through capacity building. there is a program i will want to run, which will enable women to have better health. With this project I am trying to see how i can encourage women to go for health check-up. I intend to achieve this by letting them contribute for their health.put together finances and from there give to one member to go do her checkup. I am also a youth leader, motivational speaker and a change maker.more of what i do can be seen on www.facebook.com/cahfoundation33.

women needs education, skills building they got alot in them go closer to them, build them and the world will be a better place to live in. Chantal

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