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Chantal Asene
Posted February 6, 2017 from Cameroon

I have just been appointed the RECTOR (President), of Cameroon Institute Of Applied Sciences (CIAS), Buea, Cameroon.

God just wowed this His daughter Irene. Still in shock so I started reflected on how the events of my life don't add up in Mathematical terms. Never even thought that, that school was considering a Rector... And not to talk of me?

1+1 in my life has never been 2.

Please do the math with me. Take this crash course and let me know your answer.

Born... 19 ....something ...msshhhhh

1994 ...Disowned by parents

1999... Lost mother whose last words were forgive your Dad and find Christ.

1994 - 2001.. Homeless/ hopeless... Bleaching.. Unforgiving, lost, lying, all you name it... Rape, and all the careless living.

May 2000.. Gave my life to Christ..after almost loosing my life and next, an attempted suicide

March 2001... A total stranger takes me to Germany to help me

2003... Stopped bleaching because the white friend I was trying to look like was tanning to look like me

May 2006... Entered America

June 2006... Took the challenge...last option...Enrolled to Advance Level equivalent course without O Level or ever stepping foot in High school

June 2006.. A classmate in the states tells me that I am no more fit for school after 11years out of school.. And my level won't be in American school system as I do not have Advance level

September 2006... Went to Cleveland State University and applied for university... "Where is your High School Diploma?" Its coming " ....I said! Admission. Status pending...awaiting A Level slip.

October 4th.2006... Passed all 5 advance level papers

October 7th ..2006... Started school in CSU.. Part time and started work as Flight Attendant Continental connection

May 2012... Graduated Cum Laude (Honor).. B.A in Communication and Film and Digital Media as major.

...inducted into the Honors program.."who's who is American colleges and Universities" ... Inducted in to the American Communication Honors society

..... Started Darenehope Studios...work for me.

Dec. 2012.. Added to my job... The position of Manager of Atma center where I met most loving people. Miss you all.

December 2013.. Started Emerge With Irene to give Homeless, rejected and abused girls second chances as someone gave me.

January. 2015... Signed contract with CRTV ..Cameroon Radio Television to air Emerge with Irene - The show ....

2016.....Yesterday... God the blasting news that this me.... Is appointed Rector of a University.

Well... With the falling to my face and rising, the setbacks, the trials and disappointments, I've learn one thing that works. My eyes are always on God to see me through and, I pick up lessons, wake up, and go harder. My advice is never let man define you and never give up on you. God still have you in mind. You have all it takes. Keep doing right... Keep pouring love even when you get failure or hate. God sees your heart and will always reward the faithful. Stop pointing fingers when you know you have your own.

God uses even the negative to teach us.. Your experiences will take you places like Joseph in the Bible.

Thank you all the special people that God has allowed us cross paths. My friends, family, colleagues, partners, neighbors, daughters, emerging sisters, and my friends here on Facebook. ....thank you for believing in me. Truly humbled. It's not mistake that we know each other.

Let's put Love first and God will keep using us for His Glory.

I love you all... Emerge with Irene


2008... Reconciled with my dad...actually forgave this time after understanding that its not about expectations but me giving love no matter what

2014... My loving Dad asked me for forgiveness ...."this my daughter ...I had abandoned but God picked her. I have asked God to forgive me, can you please also forgive me?" I hugged him with all love ...that day I got healed from all.

My Dad is the best Dad in the world ..period!

Most important:

If you see me facing trials... Don't worry yourself.... I am always in a classroom.

Check yourself,,,,,, if you are still ashamed to face weaknesses, you will never deal them. Don't worry about people's opinions about you....they too have their own issues and are using yours yo mask themselves. Focus on working on your issues, learning from your mistakes and making yourself valuable to your self and the society. The rest will fall in place. Emerge with Irene

This story was submitted in response to Humanity Across Borders.

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Feb 06, 2017
Feb 06, 2017

I love the message in your  story. Always be focus no matter the situation

Jill Langhus
Feb 07, 2017
Feb 07, 2017

Good job on your recent appointment!!!!

Feb 07, 2017
Feb 07, 2017

I like your lines ''Focus on working on your issues, learning from your mistakes and making yourself valuable to your self and the society. The rest will fall in place.''