Worthy or not?

Charlotte Tinah✨
Posted April 22, 2020 from Kenya

Love makes us feel insecure and vulnerable and that mostly affects us girls,we end up crying,stressing and making some bad decisions,but before we do all that we gonna ask ourselves this,is he really worthy the crying,the stressing and so on and so on if he's not worthy the tears then you gonna let it go and move on.


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Apr 22
Apr 22

Hello Beautiful Sister Charlotte,
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful write-up,I really appreciate it and you said it all .No man is worth your tears .We love you so much .Thank you and please stay safe and know that we are here for you .Much love

Jill Langhus
Apr 24
Apr 24

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think love can make men feel insecure, too, dear, but has something happened recently that inspired your post? Please let us know if we can help:-)