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Posted February 10, 2016 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Soumya Vilekar
Feb 11, 2016
Feb 11, 2016

Dear Charlotteyinawinka,

Thank you for sharing the link of the video. A great venture ,it is to do a film. As it didnt had any english subtitles , I had to assume the storyline through action and scenes.

It would be very nice if you can share a summary about the clip,that would be easier for others to understand .

ONce again, wishing you the best and feleling proud of u,


Worldpulse community champion

(Leadership group)

Sarah Murali
Feb 15, 2016
Feb 15, 2016

Hello Charlottenyinawinka!

Thank you for sharing this video! Like Soumya, I could not understand the language, but I did try to understand the scenes. I would appreciate it if you could share with us what about this film inspired you. Why does it represent good leadership to you?

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and participation!


Feb 16, 2016
Feb 16, 2016


once, in a village where the villagers adored the mind and believing that those mind 

thatkeep their litle village withoutrecognition that it existes really one god's all-powerful

one day the village's hunters went to hunt for their village'sanniversary

arrived in the forest found a place  of sacrificing which was done for their village.

and they put a goat there, one of the hunters

callid MAKUTA took that goat and the mind  possen him and he begins buy killing his freinds and the villagers. finally, a decision taken by the  king of killing all the first born

so that the lot must raise from villagage one guardian village of king, refused that they killed his son and fled to ward an ather kingdom and found the believers and their  explained the problem of their village then, the believers leaving for hunting that wrong mind. there fore, that village becomes normal christian again and withaut problem 

thank you too 

Jamie Rezmovits
Apr 21, 2016
Apr 21, 2016

Hello Charlottenyinawinka!

Thank you for your participation and for posting your video! I am always amazed by the power of film to communicate a message.

 With love and appreciation,

Jamie (Chair, Global Advisory Network, Restorative Leadership Institute)