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i need your support for my work

Posted August 7, 2015 from Democratic Republic of the Congo
Expired on October 6, 2015

i can change the mind of my community by using meeting, theatry, sketch to help the orphans and to hear them,i give for orphans tobe self confident in their life,to advicethem do not using drugs andprostitution for their health caring,teaching them todo some thing,help them to know their rights

ineed yourn support

1,i have ambition todo film documentary to showing hardship orphans can get in life it can spend 50.000 dollas

2.i have 20 orphans in primary school their need support one paid 200 dollas all paid 4000 dollas and 20 aphans in secondary school one paid 300 dollas all paid 9000 dollas and ten univercity one paid 600 all is 6000 dollas totol =19000 dollas

3, i need to creaty orphanage here i need the supporters

4, ineed some materials , computer, camera, matelas, clothes and a food to gave them

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