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About Me

I am passionate about the teenagers and young adults of this generation who can't find balance to this jet age and their personal vision.
I love talking to young minds on how to channel their energy towards the right direction in life.
When one is go young , he or she is opened to a lot of opportunities but I discovered that most young people are ignorant of the potentials they carry in the inside of them.
Most don't even have a vision as to know what to pursue and what not to crave for.
I'm a Master Decree holder and I love to read everything so as to be able to contribute on any form of conversation.
I have special interest in educating young adults to know their self worth in order to unleash their potentials for excellence.

My Vision

To educate the girl child on self worth.
To empower young adults to be self dependent.
To help young people maximize opportunities.


The community should be able to cooperate with me by releasing their children and changing their mindsets.


Community service /Counseling session.
I partner with a Foundation where issues are treated on weekly basis.


Empowering GirlsEngaging Men and Boys in Gender EqualityHuman Rights for WomenWomen in Leadership