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Posted October 4, 2011 from Canada

As the cliché goes, ‘when life gives you lemons, make some lemonade.’ So, when life throws you an assignment that asks you to look deep within yourself and figure out what your personal life vision is, and then how you can make this personal vision a reality, you…


This question might be one sentence but to answer it is damn near impossible without doing some soul-searching.

Perhaps the problem with this question is that in some ways I am scared of reflecting. In my head, the world is large, full of vast spaces, and sometimes a mess of thoughts.

How can this mess be rectified? I have all these ideas, but they are disorganized and this frustrates me. I need a way to translate this frustration into ACTION. I have a voice, but I need to shape this voice and have the guidance to put down my thoughts in an organized fashion. In other words, I want to explain my jumbled up manifestations in a way that allows others to see my vision and why it is important.

In essence, I have the willpower, I have the passion, but I need a way to funnel it and express it to others so that they get impassioned too. This is why I need the help of the mentors that the VOF Correspondents are providing. Hey, a lion can ROAR but the ROAR had better make sense!

So—here is my vision, presented in the best of my ability.

I am but one person, a small puzzle piece in a world of puzzle pieces, but I have the ability to affect many other puzzle pieces. I believe that with grassroots campaigns as a young activist, I can slowly deliver change to my mother country of Vietnam. I can get this world to understand that freedom of speech and peaceful assembly is a universal human right. I wish for a day when it is easy to travel to and from Vietnam and not worry about sudden ‘disappearances’. I wish for a day where one can access all websites without worrying about hitting information firewalls.

I know I am young and I have a lot to learn, but I was blessed with the opportunity of an education, and born into a free-thinking society that allows me to develop my critical thought skills. I wish to use these advantages to help people who do not have a voice.

With WorldPulse, my voice would have more force, and more persuasion. I want to shout to the world—

“Holy crap, there are injustices! This is what I’m going to do about it!” —And then get right to business.

Call it tenacity, call it scrappiness, but I wish for my home country to be a better place and I am not going to stop until it happens. In order for this to happen, I need to arm myself with better citizen journalist skills, which is why I am hoping that World Pulse will pick me as one of the thirty to give guidance to. I hope I can translate this guidance into a tangible hope for my fellow brothers and sisters back home, and make a real difference.

Like the main page of says,

“No one speaks for me. I speak for myself.”

I DO speak for myself—but I would love the help to make my voice ring more true and clear.

Thank you for ride of the last four weeks, World Pulse. It’s been a blast.

Chi-Linh Dinh Canada

Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision

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Oct 04, 2011
Oct 04, 2011

Dear Chi, Thanks for this wonderful piece! I sometimes feel the same way of having all these ideas, but they are disorganized. But for sure I know that one by one each one will be sorted


Oct 05, 2011
Oct 05, 2011

Ok, let me first just say that I LOVE your writing. I felt like you were speaking right to me, like we were having a conversation. It was great! You have some great ideas and a beautiful vision and I hope that one day you can see your dreams realized :)

Best, Kaitlyn

Oct 07, 2011
Oct 07, 2011

Your piece helps us all realize that soul searching and then moving into action can be a daunting task. I like your image of a puzzle piece - a puzzle piece to me often touches so many other puzzle pieces before it actually finds its rightful place in the puzzle. I think we share that with so many others. We are molded by the various people who touch our lives in so many ways - just like the puzzle pieces. And once we decide to embrace those experiences and people we often find our path (the perfect location for our puzzle piece). But puzzles don't last forever, the get taken apart, shook up and reconnected in a new way. I appreciated this characterization so much because it is much like my own life. Finding your voice is probably the most important step of realizing one's dreams. I think you already have the roar you need to put your message out there.

Great piece!



Laura Stull
Oct 10, 2011
Oct 10, 2011


We may be young, but we are still powerful and capable! I identify with what you've written, in our respective searches for what we find meaningful and worthy of fighting, it can be confusing and difficult to pinpoint. But I have faith that with all the opportunity we have been given, we can harness that passion and focus it in a way that incites positive change in the world around us.

Great job!