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About Me

A very passionate person who is interested in helping people especially women and girls succeed and empowering them.
A lawyer practicing in Jos Plateau State with the zeal to help the girl child, provide legal support for victims of Violence, rape and child abuse.
I want to wake up one day to see that the world is devoid of rape. To bring a change in the society particularly towards the life of women and young person. To give hope to the hopeless.

My Vision

To undertake and raise awareness on domestic violence, Rape, violence against children and on women human rights accross the country..


Grants and donations to empower women and widows, teenage girls in rural areas. Grants to engage in skill acquisition.


Dedication to Change lives, target audience children from ages 4 to 18 years, Change women, girls, teens in grassroots level.


Empowering GirlsEngaging Men and Boys in Gender EqualityGender-based ViolenceHuman Rights for WomenWomen's Health



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