Encouraging All WP Sister's to keep smiling despite COVID 19

Posted March 25, 2020 from Nigeria

I woke up this morning with similes and joy in my heart, why? You may ask, Because am alive and hope all WP sisters should do same. 

Believing what you say will come to pass is just as important as believing that COVID 19 will pass soon like it never came. Let's keep hope alive, I know this is a trying moment for most of us, economy short down, offices short down etc.

Do not waste any more time;start demanding your peace, your joy, your health, your prosperity, your supply, your restoration and your victory.


Keep winning.

Stay safe.

Keep smiling.

I know will be safe and alive to tell a story of COVID 19.

Much love.

This story was submitted in response to Dispatches from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Mar 28, 2020
Mar 28, 2020

Dear Chidimma,

Thank you very much for this uplifting message.

I hope that you and yours are safe and Yes, we shall all live to narrate the ravages of CODIV-19!

Mar 28, 2020
Mar 28, 2020

Chidinma, i really appreciate the way you captured this story. thank you for sharing your encouragement during this trying period. i love it

Mar 30, 2020
Mar 30, 2020

Thank you Sister Otahelp.

Anita Shrestha
Mar 29, 2020
Mar 29, 2020

Dear Sis
Thank you for encouraging