Maeann for Spirits Award and for Encouraging

Posted January 3, 2021 from Nigeria

Maeann is an encourager, her Stories/write-ups is very educative. I always love to read her post. The impact she shares in her post is outstanding. She is a good writer, very educative and she inspires me to read, read and read.

I just love to read her post whenever am online. 

Thanks Maeann 


This story was submitted in response to World Pulse Spirit Awards.

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Jill Langhus
Jan 04
Jan 04

Hello Chidimma,

How are you doing, dear? Thanks for sharing your nomination for Maeann. I'm sure she'll love to see it:-)

Hope you have a great week!

Jan 04
Jan 04

Hi Chidimma, thank you for your kind nomination. I am inspired with your words. I will try my best to share an educative article because whenever I do this I myself learned too. Let's continue to improve ourselves, this how we will encourage others to be part of this sisterhood. Thanks much. hugs.

Thank you for nominating dear Mae Ann, dear Chidimma! Have you seen Keturah's nomination for you?